QGS receives charitable status

The Quantum Gravity Society is now a registered charity in Canada. This means that your donation to the society will be tax-deductable.

The Quantum Gravity Society’s goal is to advance the science of physics by reconciling the two most significant scientific advances over the last 125 years – quantum mechanics and general relativity. A better understanding of these two theories and reconciling why they are not compatible is fundamental to science and nature itself, and critical to improving the universe we will face going forward – and your contribution will help us do exactly this.

Here is our official description of activities (and also what you can expect of the Society in the future):

The Society will perform the activities of a research institute by funding leading researchers to conduct research that advances the fields of physics, mathematics, gravity, and quantum mechanics. The Society’s research activities will be made available to researchers and the public through all feasible and normal channels, including the world wide web through an online archive. This will be done as soon as reasonably possible after the research is finished. The first research project will focus on improving the knowledge on the areas of gravity, physics, and the history of physics, by researching various historic materials that will be either donated or loaned to the Society. The Society will also be tasked with organizing events and programs such as research training programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, courses, and lectures on the topics of physics, mathematics, gravity, and quantum mechanics. The events and programs will be hosted in person and/or through the internet.