Quantum Machanics & Gravity: Marrying Theory & Experiment

The Society’s first event, QUANTUM MECHANICS & GRAVITY: MARRYING THEORY & EXPERIMENT, concluded successfully on August 19, 2022. The 5-day meeting consists of TED-style public lectures and debates, along with extended scientific sessions – bringing together many of the key themes in this field. This event also inaugurated the new QUANTUM GRAVITY INSTITUTE, supported by the Quantum Gravity Society, with its home base in Vancouver. The Institute will support international research work – both in theory and experiment.

For more information about the event, including a list of press articles, visit the conference website at https://conference.quantumgravityinstitute.ca/.

Photo credit: Jeff Vinnick

Participants of the meeting. Front row: Yanbei Chen, Markus Aspelmeyer, Jim Peebles, Terry Hui, Kip Thorne, Frank Giustra, Philip Stamp, Markus Frind, Birgitta Whaley, Clifford Cheung. Middle row: Anatoly Svidzinksy, Henrik Ulbricht, Suzanne Staggs, Paul Lee, Abhay Asktekar, Moe Kermani, Bill Unruh, John Donoghue. Back row: Daniel Carney, Jordan Wilson-Gerow, Steven Carlip, Slava Mukhanov, Peter Galison, Renate Loll, Alex Vilenkin, Robert Wald.
Founders of the Quantum Gravity Society on the stage during the meeting. Left to right: Paul Lee, Markus Frind, Terry Hui, Philip Stamp, Moe Kermani, and Frank Giustra
Keynote event. Left to right: Jim Peebles, Kip Thorne, Philip Stamp