Aug. 15-19 2022, Vancouver, Canada

Quantum Mechanics & Gravity: Marrying Theory & Experiment


Links to articles in the press, and radio and TV shows, devoted to this conference.

There has been a lot of media attention devoted to this meeting and to the general topic being covered by it. We initially tried to list all links, but as of the evening of Saturday 20th Aug (1 day after the end of the conference), over 800 million people had read or watched media material about the conference, via 574 different media outlets – of
this, 240 million were newspaper or magazine articles. We will therefore attempt, in the next few weeks, to provide a cross-section of links, but there is no way we can list them all.

The Georgia Straight: Big Bang Theory comes to life in Vancouver for five days this August

Toronto Star: If we could unify quantum mechanics with general relativity, it would change everything. That’s the modest goal of the newly-launched Quantum Gravity Institute

Black Press Media: World’s top physicists to be in B.C. this summer to bring down science’s greatest mystery Quantum Mechanics & Gravity conference (August 15 – 19, 2022) launches Vancouver (Canada)-based Quantum Gravity Institute and more

News24: Les meilleurs physiciens du monde seront en Colombie-Britannique cet été pour résoudre le plus grand mystère de la science

AM 1150 – The Early Edition: Interview with Prof. Philip Stamp World’s Top Physicists Unite to Tackle One of Science’s Greatest Mysteries

Surrey Now-Leader: World’s top physicists to be in B.C. this summer to bring down science’s greatest mystery

UBC News: Time machines and black holes on the agenda at quantum gravity meeting

Mirage.News: Time machines and black holes on agenda at quantum gravity meeting

CKNW | Global News: Interview with Prof. Philip Stamp

Vancouver Sun: Scientists chase ‘holy grail’ of physics at Vancouver conference

The Globe and Mail: Finding a theory of everything: Top physicists gather in Vancouver to discuss quantum mechanics and general relativity